BCS Vision-Mission-Values-Beliefs


Vision Statement

BCS inspires students to lead in the global community through a passion for learning, innovating, and inquiry & design.

We commit to:

  • educate the whole child, supporting the needs of all learners.
  • foster and nurture a learning community of character valuing integrity, diversity and acceptance.
  • prepare students, through original and authentic learning experiences, to create solutions meeting the challenges of tomorrow on a global scale.
  • adapt purposefully by efficiently utilizing the resources around us to ensure academic excellence in our evolving world.

Mission/Purpose Statement

BCS is a dynamic and collaborative learning community. We cultivate an engaging environment that embraces all students and empowers them to pose questions, integrate resources, synthesize, evaluate and apply their knowledge to positively influence our diverse and ever-changing world.

Value & Belief Statements

In our Community of Learners, we value and believe….

  • people learn best in an atmosphere of curiosity, high expectations, collaboration and diversity.
  • innovation and application enhance the process of learning.
  • people need to be significantly challenged beyond their current academic levels of performance.
  • opportunities for community leadership and service are an integral part of learning.
  • people learn most effectively when they pose questions, integrate knowledge, and apply what they have learned to the world around them.
  • each person has intrinsic dignity and worth and deserves to be treated with respect.
  • family support and involvement are essential to academic success.
  • each person deserves to learn and work within a safe and accepting environment.
  • thoughtful and responsible risk-taking is expected.
  • each of us has responsibilities and rights as a member of a global society.
  • all people can become self-directed and responsible learners.
  • mistakes are an integral part of the learning process.
  • fostering positive relationships among each of us is essential.

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