Finish Strong! Should We Go Slow to Go Fast? #BCSLearns

Spring is here and with it, so is the final quarter of the 2016-2017 school year.  At this time of year, we all like to invoke the mantra “Finish Strong.” To help us think about this phrase for ourselves and the students we serve, let us use some animal metaphors.  Below are a few videos of animals we can use as metaphors as we consider this post’s title as we ramp up the fast-paced environment that spring brings to our schools. Might there be caution to heed as the pace quickens with the end of the year in site (less than 50 days).  Perhaps slowing down will allow us to “run faster than a cheetah.” What do you think?

Check out the “How do you outrun a cheetah?” video below and consider the following:

  • What comes with the price of going too fast?
  • How can you keep a “cool head” even at a fast pace?
  • What does success come down too? How about a head start?
  • Bottom line, we need be smart about our pace and stay away from “strong jaws and sharp teeth.”

Let’s now consider the Gazelle.  Does this time of year ramp up your speed and make you fast like a gazelle?  Speed can cause problems as evidenced by the below video.  Seemingly running beautifully and at high speed to get where it wants to go, what happens to the Gazelle?  What will be its eventual outcome?

Could slow and steady win the race? Yes indeed!  With the right tools and support around you! Note the example in the below video…

And now, getting back to our human relationships.  Finishing strong is not about winning or beating the competition or leaving people behind.  It’s about our 3E’s (education, environment, each other) and helping each other in a collaborative way in our efforts to finish strong.  Check out the video below of this fast-paced race from last summer’s 2016 Rio Olympic Games.  Let us finish strong together, helping each other…


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