Give These Collaborative Team Roles a Try! #BCSLearns

Knowing of our continued effort to infuse student collaboration throughout our learning with students, I received an email a few weeks ago from our BCS founding principal, Dale Truding, who shared this Harvard Business Review article with me called The New Science of Team Chemistry.  If organizations are not getting the performance they need from their teams, what about our classrooms?  Could these Business Chemistry roles, directly quoted below from the article, help us achieve the shared goals of the students in your classrooms?

  • Pioneers – “value possibilities, and they spark energy and imagination on their teams. They believe risks are worth taking and that it’s fine to go with your gut. Their focus is big-picture. They’re drawn to bold new ideas and creative approaches.”
  • Guardians – “value stability, and they bring order and rigor. They’re pragmatic, and they hesitate to embrace risk. Data and facts are baseline requirements for them, and details matter. Guardians think it makes sense to learn from the past.”
  • Drivers – “value challenge and generate momentum. Getting results and winning count most. Drivers tend to view issues as black-and-white and tackle problems head on, armed with logic and data.”
  • Integrators – “value connection and draw teams together. Relationships and responsibility to the group are paramount. Integrators tend to believe that most things are relative. They’re diplomatic and focused on gaining consensus.”

In a post from last fall related to Getting to Deep Learning, I shared Michael Fullan’s work on New Pedagogies for Deep Learning and outlined his 6 C’s: Creativity, Communication, Citizenship, Critical Thinking, Character, and Collaboration.  How do the roles listed above (pioneers, guardians, drivers, and integrators) align with Fullan’s notion of collaboration?  The brief, 3-minute video below highlights critical skills, related to collaboration, that students will need for success in this modern, connected world.  Why is collaboration important? The equation for collaboration – “join forces + pool resources = achievement of common goal/solution.” Check it out!


3 thoughts on “Give These Collaborative Team Roles a Try! #BCSLearns

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