An Effective Teacher: A Self Reflection #BCSLearns

A post from Edutopia by Carrie Lam lists 11 Habits of an Effective Teacher.  As I read the post and reflected upon the habits and details within them, I began to think, as an educator, which of these habits are my strengths.  Which would be my goal areas?  Which ones would students say are my strengths?  My weaknesses?  What shall I keep doing?  Start doing? Stop doing?  Where does more of my attention need to go?  Review the “11 Habits” listed below and go on a self reflective journey with the aforementioned questions in mind to see where you end up. An effective teacher…

  1. Enjoys Teaching
  2. Makes a Difference
  3. Spreads Positivity
  4. Gets Personal
  5. Gives 100%
  6. Stays Organized
  7. Is Open-Minded
  8. Has Standards
  9. Finds Inspiration
  10. Embraces Change
  11. Creates Reflections

Our BCS teachers know my mantra:  “Presume Positive Intent.”  Check out the last sentence in Lam article: “There is always something positive to be found in every situation but it is up to you to find it. Keep your head up and teach happily for the love of education!”

Getting at the heart of teaching: Lisa Lee at TEDxCrestmoorParkED where she “gives an emotional talk about making a difference in children’s lives as teachers and teaches us that if we reach the inner core first, the common core is more easily taught.” 

How can the 11 habits of an effective teacher listed help us reach that inner core of our students where, as Lee suggests great teachers do, we help each student we serve see value in him/herself?

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