You? Yes, You! #BCSLearns

January is here and 2017 is upon us! Last week I posted about New Year’s Solutions rather than “resolutions.”  This week, I would like to share the 3-minute video below with you.  The video comes from “The Journey of Purpose” whose videos are inspired from their message that “We are the creators of our own imagination, what story will you create?”  As you embark on this great new year, 2017, the core questions that this inspiring video asks us to ponder are quite fitting for a new year to be sure:

  1. The first question to ponder is, “Why?”
  2. The second question to ponder is, “Why not?”
  3. The third question to ponder is, “Why not you?”
  4. And the final and perhaps most powerful question the video asks us to ponder is, Why not now?

There is no time like the present!  Check out the video below and, if you find it inspiring, check out other videos from The Journey of Purpose. Enjoy the video and even feel free to share it with your students!


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