These Four F’s are Worth Noting #BCSLearns

What a finale to the MEMSPA conference!  Dr. Adolph Brown closed out the conference on Dec. 9 as the final keynote of the event with “Real Talk.”  His message resonated deeply with me.  He “blames” teachers, Head Start and Public Education, giving them full credit, for helping him achieve all that he has in his life and becoming the person he is today. His keynote focused on his four “Championship Habits” that educators need to be sure to invoke everyday in their classrooms (and principals in our schools) – they are Brown’s Four F’s:

  • Fun – make sure you are having fun.  “If you’re not having fun, go back and find it and bring it to your schools and families.”  Our BCS Character Connections is a way for us to connect across all grades and have some fun leaning on each other and their teachers for enjoyment.
  • Fair – Using a wheelbarrow as a metaphor for support, Brown suggests that teachers need to keep ALL of their students in their wheelbarrow without leaving any of them out.
  • Firm – provide consistencies, structure, limits and boundaries; however, he implores us to be a “balcony” person not a “basement” person.  Balcony people see the positive (presume positive intent) while basement people get mired in the negative (presuming negative intent).
  • Faith – “intense HOPE in that it will turn out for the best (this reminds me of the movie Shawshank Redemption the and power of hope from that movie, check it out the video clip below…)

As we enter our winter vacation, let us be sure to invoke Brown’s 4F’s, fun, fair, firm and faith in 2017!  I, for one, am “hoping” for the best year yet!



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