Learning Resonates Deeply #BCSLearns

I attended the Character.org National Forum this weekend in Washington D.C. and I want to highlight the two keynote speakers and the powerful thoughts with which I left.

In the opening keynote, Bringing Learning to Life, Cathryn Berger Kaye (President of CBK Associates and an award-winning author) shared with us “how to invigorate the learning process with a dose of excitement and purpose. She began her keynote displaying a slide that simply stated, “Bringing learning to life!” This became the theme of her session with us while making us consider how we would finish the following sentence…”Learning is ________.  Take a look at the pictures below that display quite well, albeit differently, what learning ought to be for ALL of us, students and adults alike.

In short, “learning and life go together”.  They should not be separated and our efforts at BCS to infuse service learning into our classrooms is spot on.  In Kaye’s session she references, in talking about the importance of service learning, UN Goals for Sustainable Development, a post from this blog but a few weeks ago. Learning is life, or in the words of Albert Einstein, “Once you stop learning, you start dying.”

In a follow-up session with Kaye, she became more specific around implementing service learning in your classroom. She shared her Five Stages of Service Learning: A Dynamic Process.   

  • Investigation
  • Preparation
  • Action
  • Reflection
  • Demonstration

Check out Kaye’s list of resources for articles and tools and the 1-minute video below where she emphasizes the importance of service learning for students – “echoes of learning reverberates through service.” (In fact, check out my tweets from the conference at #BCSLearns.)

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