A World without Teachers? Yikes! #BCSLearns

“We spend our lives trying to beat the current…
to tough it out, put our heads down, and keep swimming.”

My brother and sister-in-law are “knee-deep” (maybe neck deep) in the world of swimming.  My brother recently shared this swimming video with me (second video below).  As I viewed it, it became an immediate metaphor for me for us as educators, and for the students we serve, particularly this time of year as we all try “to beat the current…to tough it out, put our heads down, and keep swimming,” learning, celebrating, supporting.  Our students will do the same thing, and without learning and celebrating, like with us, stress, even despair, can set in.  Thank you for promoting positivity with your students even when the negative shines brightly in our face.  You are “the lifeguards who do look for people drowning……………….on the inside”! What would the world be without teachers?  Celebrate the last week of school with your students and each other and realize what the world would be like without you!  In the first video below, see what you inspire…



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