Questioning: Powerful for Inquiry, Discovery & Curiosity-for learning! #BCSLearns

In the 5D+ Teacher Evaluation Rubric in the dimension of Student Engagement, Intellectual Work: Quality of Questioning is a key indicator that helps us consider if “students question one another to probe for deeper thinking.”  Our students (whether they’re on the 3/4 team, 5/6 team or 7/8 team) can be developmentally egocentric when it comes to their learning.  Said differently, they may not consider asking their peers authentically deep questions to probe their thinking because they’re more concerned about their own thinking.  Below, from TeachThought, are 8 strategies you may find helpful in supporting students’ development in asking deep questions of each other.

8 Strategies to Help Students Ask Great Questions

  1. TeachThought Learning Taxonomy
  2. Socratic Discussion
  3. Paideia Seminar
  4. The Question Game
  5. Bloom’s Taxonomy
  6. Question Formation Technique
  7. Universal Question Stems
  8. Basic Question Stems

In an age where answering many questions today results in a response in a person saying, “Just Google it,” the article How to Bring ‘More Beautiful’ Questions Back to School ” suggests that “Companies are looking for people who can ask deep questions that will solve real problems and lead to profitable solutions.” The article offers thought-provoking suggestions on how we can support students in making sure that their interest in questioning the world around them doesn’t drop off as they get older.  To do this, Warren Berger, author of A More Beautiful Question, describes five ways to help students become better questioners:  make it safe, make it cool, make it fun, make it rewarding, and make it stick. Read the article, and then view the video below on What Kills Questioning!

Want more? Check out this tutorial on “The Power of Questioning: An Important Part of the Inquiry Process”


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