What Animal Would you Be? #BCSLearns

If you were an animal, what animal would you be?  You may wonder why this question came to mind.  The Cat or Dog video below (came to me through my MEMSPA network)made me think about how we pick up the pace here at BCS in May.  While just about every month at BCS is a bit fast-paced, there is no month quite like May – and it was felt this week to be sure! The video, which suggests the notion that, “Sometimes you just have to be a bit more dog” particularly as we race into May.  Our “Covington Kickers” staff team was ferocious yesterday in the district tournament resulting in a Championship.  Check out the pictures on Birmingham Covington School Facebook. So, should we be a bit more dog or a bit more cat?  Check out the short video, then take one of the quizzes (there’s a online quiz or a video-based quiz).  What kind of animal matches your personality?  And finally, if you up for a potential chuckle or two and want a different take on cats and dogs, search for George Carlin’s sketch on the difference between cats and dogs (warning: there will be explicit content).

Take the Quiz: http://www.quizony.com/animalPersonality/index.html

Are You a Bit More Cat or a Bit More Dog?

What Animal Are You? – Take the Video Quiz


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