Are You Future Proof? #BCSLearns

If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary
-Jim Rohn, entrepreneur and motivational speaker

Let’s be extraordinary!  In T.H.E. Journal, Joe Barnhart shares 8 Skills for Future-Proofed Teachers.  In the article, Barnhart argues that “determining what kind of technology teachers should be familiar with matters less than ensuring they have skills to adapt to whatever gadgets come along.”  Sound familiar?  It’s not knowledge that matters; it’s adaptability!  Below are the 8 skills to “future-proof” yourself!

  1. Turn Chameleon – learn adaptability
  2. Get Your Hands Dirty – “jump in and sleuth away. ‘No Fear’ should be the mantra of teachers who face pesky equipment.”
  3. Stay Connected – “interfacing devices changes almost as fast as a toddler’s diaper”
  4. Be Compatible – “teachers, constantly face upward and downward compatibility issues. Teachers face a vicious catch-up race with morphing technology.”
  5. Let Alchemy Rule – “New teachers don’t have to be ‘born again’ but they should be willing to convert.”
  6. Deal with Clogged Plumbing – “You don’t need to build a network to understand how they work.”
  7. Don’t Expect a Bed of Roses – “The ‘bad’ face of technology stares at teachers daily…Digital citizenship truly starts in the schools.”
  8. Go High Tech but Give High Touch – Naisbitts’s book, “Megatrends” and one trend describes balancing between “high tech and high touch.”

In the video below, John Naisbitt shares the most effective mindset is “not to be right.” Rather, “be open and see things” prior to making judgment. “Let the world write the book” rather than you writing the book for it.  And interesting juxtaposition indeed!  Check out what he shares in this brief 3-minute video.


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