May We Find a Way “to Laugh Often and Much” #BCSLearns

At times in life, we all kind find it difficult to find the positive or a good laugh.  Some of the news from the past few weeks, while celebratory with regard to our student-involved conferences, was sad if not tragic.  Whether it was far from home in Brussels or close to home affecting the families of our colleagues, the news was not good.  It is times like these, when bad things happen in 3s, 4s or even 5s, that we must have faith that we can bounce back, find the resilience necessary and be happy. I find myself thinking of the first part of the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote on success, “to laugh often and much…”  Let’s have at it!  Take a look at the video below called “Said No Teacher Ever.”  Think about which vignette that a teacher has never said resonated with you the most?

And, if that’s not enough of a laugh, chuckle or guffaw, check out an episode from “Kid Snippets” that our math teachers may appreciate.  It’s not inquiry-based learning; it’s spoon-fed learning!  Let’s all remember the power of laughter!


14 thoughts on “May We Find a Way “to Laugh Often and Much” #BCSLearns

  1. Scarlet Butzin, Julie Frishman, Morris Wallington, Lynne Parkin

    These videos reminded us how important it is to laugh a little and share the silly things. This takes the stress out of things. There will always be stress at work, but sharing laughter with colleagues builds a sense of community. It also helps us relate to one another and share common occurrences through humor.

  2. Mandy Pantuso

    Love both of these videos! So many of the “Said No Teacher Ever” lines resonated, especially “I love that I can leave work at work.” So many that are not in our profession think that we have it so easy, when in all reality our students, their complex needs, and what we can do to reach them are always on the forefront of our minds and hearts. It is much a much needed reminder to all of us that sometimes we just need to take a step back and find humor in even the small things.

    1. Valerie Weage

      Mandy – I think the “I love that I can leave work at work” line was also my favorite. Not only do we have to sit down and work at home but I think ever teacher probably finds themselves wondering how they could do things differently or how they could have made that lesson better on the drive home or as they are making dinner. It’s only natural.
      I also liked the “is it spring break already?” line. I am definitely guilty of starting my break countdown a little early at times!

      1. Tammy Brown

        I agree with both of you on leaving work at work! I take papers everywhere! Baseball games, dance competitions and even church! I have entertained many of my fellow church goers during the sermons while I sit and try to get math tests graded.

  3. Amanda Husband

    I love the kid snippets but the video about what no teacher said ever is priceless. Maybe if we go around saying those things at some point we will buy in. What I’ve learned in the past month is that with all the sadness and bad things that surround us we can find humor, joy and goodness if we choose to see it.

  4. Mandy H.

    Well said! It is so important to find those happy moments each day. These videos gave me a good laugh… a great way to start the day. I have shared this Kidsnippents episode with countless friends. It was one of those “I laughed so hard that I cried” kind of videos. The video “Said No Teacher Ever” was priceless! I literally laughed out loud when he said “I wish the government was more involved in my lesson plans.” Awesome!

  5. ross

    There’s a reason the average educator is finished teaching in less than five years. We all know how this job can get to you. (More the parents than kids!:). I really feel it’s the “other stuff” not the teaching that burns teachers out. I feel like I spend 20% of my day teaching…the other 80% is the “other stuff” (won’t go into “other” …we all know what it is). That being said we MUST joke around and laugh with each other and our students. Laugh at ourselves once in awhile… We all know about “teaching moments” where we deviate from the plans and go down a path we didn’t intend. These experiences can be the most rewarding. But don’t forget to look for “laughing moments” Just be silly and laugh with your kids. That’s truly the stuff they remember in 15 years:)!

    1. Rick Joseph

      Ross – you have always done an amazing job of creating a culture of excitement and fun in your class. Kids learn best when their engaged in the work, and you are a master at KISMIF!

  6. Tamra

    I am not a good one to leave work at work. 🙂 I find I am helping other people so much that it makes it difficult to leave my work here as it won’t get done. That being said….I have found myself laughing and being silly with students more this year than ever! Well said Ross that this is the stuff students remember down the road as I already hear some of that from the students. I recently was reconnected to a student from my first year of teaching-(31 years ago). She was in my first class as a first grader. She talked about what she remembers from our class and it was all about the laughing…silly moments….smelling the roses that we did way back then. A reminder that life is so short and we need to grab every minute of it. There is a reason people say Live, Laugh, and Love. 🙂

    1. Bill

      Couldn’t agree more Tamra. We need to cherish those small seemingly meaningless moments that mean so much to our students!

  7. Tammy Brown

    I love that Kid Snippet episode! I actually showed that to my class a few months back and we all got a good laugh out of it. There are so many responsibilities we have as educators and that can pile on the stress at times. I agree that it is important to find times to laugh with the kids and at ourselves. Sometimes wandering away from out lesson plans to just enjoy each other can be the best way to bring the whole class together!

    1. Anne

      I shared the video with my students as well, they laughed with me. Through their laughter I think I could feel that the students understand the efforts that we put in, but also that we do have to take time to laugh, be silly and play.

  8. Rick Joseph

    I think a line from the video that resonates with me is “Oh, you’re head is on your desk? You should just sleep.” It reminds me of the importance of not judging my students and presuming positive intent. I have made so many snap judgments about kids that were incorrect, only to determine the real cause of an observed behavior by taking the time to have a private, respectful conversation with the student. I have to remind myself that I need to make my intentions clear to my students and everyone I’m trying to reach and teach.

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