“Surprising Truth about Learning in Schools” #BCS Learns

Educational researcher and father of school-age children, Will Richardson, shares a surprising truth about schools.  The surprising truth he challenges us on is “that schools were not build for learning.”  He believes this a both an educator who has traveled the world and a father of two teenagers.  “The learning that they do on their own looks very different than the learning that they do in schools.”  The video that follows the two images below is an incredible reminder for us at BCS that our vision is right and the practices of interdisciplinary, project-based learning is right for student to move away from what Richard never hears when he asks people what they “believe about how kids learn best”.  Check out the image titled “What People Never Say”.


In contrast, in the video, Richardson shares the “Conditions for Powerful Learning” – how we aspire to help the students we serve get to “productive learning” vs. “unproductive learning”.  The conditions on the left side of the image below engender an attitude in students of “wanting to learn more” according to Seymour Sarason.  What we do in our schools and classrooms matters!



2 thoughts on ““Surprising Truth about Learning in Schools” #BCS Learns

  1. Lydia Tiseo

    I was reminded of the connection between how kids learn and personal interest/investment this week in one of my M.S. Spanish classes. We had just started a new unit on clothing, and one of my students shouted out, “I’m going to do great on this unit…I love clothes!”

    1. Ross

      I agree totally. I recently did a unit on taxes. Not exactly exciting stuff, but the connection to the real world, and what their parents were currently doing (with their own taxes) made the kids very excited to do their “own” taxes.


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