Want to Make Happiness your 2016 Resolution? Be Grateful! #BCSLearns

“The one thing all humans have in common is that each of us wants to be happy,” says Brother David Steindl-Rast, a monk and interfaith scholar. And happiness, he suggests, “is born from gratitude.” How do we get there according the Steindl-Rast?  By slowing down, looking where you’re going, and above all, being grateful.  Furthermore, in his video (see below) “How to Be Happy-Secrets to Happiness,” Brendon Buchard, personal development trainer, explains how research proves that peace, acceptance and gratitude for the past and complete engagement in the present bring about personal happiness.

Please take a few minutes to view the video (and the ones that follow) which are great reminders for me to be grateful helping me living into that first skill on our BCS Moral Compass – Positive Attitude!  I am grateful to work with such an amazing group of dedicated educators who are here to provide amazing learning experiences for the students we serve.

The Science of Happiness – An Experiment in Gratitude

TED talk about how gratitude brings you happiness



8 thoughts on “Want to Make Happiness your 2016 Resolution? Be Grateful! #BCSLearns

  1. Scarlet Butzin

    Happiness has been widely studied all over the world. Sometimes common sense isn’t common practice so people struggle at times. Finding peace and acceptance around our past experiences will allow us to experience more happiness in the present. We have to challenge ourselves regularly to bring our full conscious selves to the present in order to appreciate happiness. “The Power of Now”. We need to anticipate the excitement of the future even when it is scary so we don’t miss the happiness happening in the present moment.
    Scarlet Butzin, Julie Frishman, Morris Wallington, Lynne Parkin

  2. Ann T.

    Thanks for the great reminders on how to be happy. First, I love that Buchard talks about embracing the present — learn from the past, look forward to the future, but most importantly let yourself enjoy the present. Let yourself see amazement and experience awe in the present. And, as reinforced so eloquently in the following two videos, be grateful in the present. Practicing gratitude will help you to be happy in the present, rather than always looking forward to the future. I agree that gratitude is so important to happiness.

    When I am being my best self, I take time each day to stop and think of the things that I am grateful for now — which of course always comes down to my family. Sometimes I think that if we don’t stop and enjoy what we have now, we won’t realize all that we have until it is gone — until life forces us to stop with some sort of trauma. Practicing gratitude allows me to be happy in the present moment rather than always trying to look ahead to something that I don’t — and may never — have.

    I also love that the Soul Pancake video showed the importance not just of gratitude, but of expressing that gratitude. Making others happy in this way can also be a key to our own happiness. So, what are my weekend plans? Go home, enjoy my family, and tell them how much I love and appreciate them!

    1. Erica M.

      I agree, Ann, that sometimes life can be so fast-paced that gratitude is essential to happiness. I am working on becoming more mindful and focusing on the present. Life goes too fast to not be grateful and happy.

  3. Andrea Leach

    This was a great pair of videos that was a great follow-up for me after the one regarding focused relaxation and living in the moment. Gratitude gives life a positive perspective. It allows us to achieve happiness instead of constantly wanting more/better. If we are able to be thankful for what we already have in our lives, and for the person we are, we are much more likely to find joy in everyday moments.

    The second video was a great follow-up because I find that a lot of times that expression of gratitude gets lost in the shuffle. We may be able to lead lives in which we are thankful for the people around us and their actions, but without actually showing that gratitude, the other person may be left feeling a bit drained and unappreciated. And don’t we all feel just a bit happier when we know we have been appreciated?

    1. at05bps

      Agreed, Andrea! It does make people feel better to know that they are appreciated…it makes everything feel “worth it”! Knowing your self worth can go so far to being happy with yourself and thus experiencing happiness in life.

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