What Teachers Make! #BCSLearns

As we wrap up the final week of learning prior to winter vacation, I find myself continually in awe of the incredible efforts of our BCS faculty and staff to provide innovative learning experiences for the students we serve.  Thank you for working tirelessly to live into our vision of inspiring “students to lead in the global community through a passion for learning, innovating, and inquiry & design.”

Please take the 3 minutes to watch the following video of National Education Association president Lily Eskelsen García on “What Teachers Do” reminding each of you of what you have accomplished, and will continue to provide, so far this year for the students you serve.  It’ll provide a chuckle for sure, though the honesty and accuracy of her speech is right on!  And then, check out the link that follows for a little message you can print up and share with those people this holiday season, and beyond, who may ask you, “What do you make?”  when you let them know proudly that you’re a teacher (or view the video instead).

What Teachers Make by Taylor Mali


5 thoughts on “What Teachers Make! #BCSLearns

  1. Amy Burns

    I have seen the the NEA video several times and it always makes me smile. It reminds me what we do on a daily basis and instinctively. The Mali video is very powerful to me.Sometimes we get so caught up with the negativity that is placed on teachers. We focus on contracts and central office demands. We forget what we really “MAKE.” It was a refreshing reminder that we are doing positive things in this world.

  2. msdorazio

    The NEA video is a great reminder of all the little things we do each and every single day that go unnoticed by so many. What is most important though is that they do not go unnoticed to students. What we do matters to students and it directly affects their attitude about school. The comfort of knowing that their problems will be addressed, that there is consistency and routine, and that they are safe on a daily basis plays a role in the learning process. These things are not possible unless we are doing more than just teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic.

    1. amy burns

      Michelle: Thanks for the reminder that the “Kids” notice. And that is what matters! Everyone of us can talk about a teacher that left an impression upon us. I love senior breakfast when the kids come back and they can still remember something great about 5/6.

    2. ross

      Couldn’t agree more. Teachers need to realize that when we “make a difference” we may not see/feel it for years down the road, when that ONE student comes back to say “Hi, thanks for all you did” or a random email shows up that says, “Thank you for being so tough on me. You made me a better student/person.” With all the “stuff” going on in education we often lose sight of the forest because the damn trees are in the way. Don’t FORGET than we DO make a difference.

  3. George

    Great little video!! The video is a wonderful reminder of all the little things we do in our profession that go unnoticed. We teachers are a special breed that work tirelessly to make sure we provide a safe and nurturing educational environment. “Just because I have flown on a plane, doesn’t mean I can fly one.” This mentality about our schools needs to change.


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