Moving from Pockets of Innovation to an Innovation Culture #BCSLearns

“The quality of curiosity is something that I have noticed in all successful people that I have encountered.” – George Couros from his post The One Quality All Successful People Share

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At the MEMSPA conference this past week,  I had the  opportunity to hear George Couros speak about the  #InnovatorsMindset sharing 5 Ways to Lay the Foundation for Innovation. At the crux of innovation, for Couros, is for us, as educators, to allow our students to learn by creating.  Check  out the five ways listed below as well as the images that follow.

  1. Powerful Learning First,  Technology Second
  2. Strengths-Based Leadership
  3. Less is More
  4. Create Meaningful Learning Experiences for  Educators
  5. Embrace an Open Culture

8 Things to Look for in Today’s Classroom

Attachment-1Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 4.39.24 PM

For more from George Couros, check out this 90 minute keynote


6 thoughts on “Moving from Pockets of Innovation to an Innovation Culture #BCSLearns

  1. Cyndi Nickel

    Thank you Mark for reinforcing the importance of laying the foundation for innovation. I was very inspired by George’s message and have to say this was the best Memspa conference I’ve attended. I’ve been reflecting on my own practice and set goals for how I plan to incorporate innovation and technology. Thanks for your reflective thoughts! From, Cyndi Nickel

    1. mm31bps Post author

      The Fifth Discipline resources like Schools that Learn are significantly more comprehensive, though Couros’s work has some alignment indeed. His language is a bit more contemporary to be sure, and I like what he says. Both resources are about building capacity and focus on LEARNING as the key ingredient toward continuous capacity-building and improvement. Thanks for sharing these other resources. We could add so many more. How about another Fifth Discipline book called The Dance of Change: The challenges to sustaining momentum in a learning organization? Arguably, this book takes leaders beyond the initial step toward building a learning organization. He outlines in this book the notion of profound change. Check it out!

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