Can Empathy Change the World? #BCSLearns

How powerful is empathy?  It can allow us to build a connection with someone that “encompasses mind, body and soul.”  Often one hears that empathy, as a metaphor, is standing in someone else’s shoes.  To truly demonstrate this skill, one must hear what the other person hears, and see what the other person sees and feel what the other person feels. The age old question….If you could do this, might you treat the person differently?  Check out the video below from Cleveland Clinic with a focus on this “human connection” that empathy affords.  Following are two other videos around empathy I found thought-provoking.  Pay note to the short video by Dr. Brene Brown where she shares, “Empathy fuels connection; Sympathy drives disconnection.” Hmmm?


9 thoughts on “Can Empathy Change the World? #BCSLearns

  1. Lynne Gillespie

    Understanding empathy requires an individual to become truthful with themselves, and dare to operate on a day to day basis from your authentic self. Give up the smoke and mirrors, and watch how your life can impact others. It’s amazing to watch from the inside out!!

  2. Amanda Husband

    With a little empathy we find good in one another. All it takes is a little kindness to make someone’s day, week, year, or life.

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  4. Valerie Weage

    Empathy is so obviously important but is also so often hard to demonstrate. I was very moved by the first video featuring patients, employees, and visitors at a hospital. This was a great representation of the range of emotions that any person can be feeling, and explores the important of being understanding of this range of emotions. What particularly stuck out to me in the second video was when Brown says that, “rarely, if ever, does an empathetic response begin with ‘at least’.” This is such as easy mistake to make because it comes from good intentions. You are simply trying to make someone feel better, to see a “silver lining” but all that is really necessary is just to comfort them and to be present.

  5. Erica M.

    The first video is one I have seen before and each time it is a great reminder that you never know what is truly going on in another person’s life. Behind each face, whether appearing happy or sad, is a story. When people choose empathy over judgment it is a step in the right direction. I have always wondered why so many people are quick to judge others based on their outward appearance. In my opinion, this video is a must see. I also wish there was a children’s version. Anyone know of that?

    1. Nicole T.

      I totally, agree, Erica…I think everyone should see the first video. Such a good reminder. We are all going through so much…or we HAVE gone through so much. We don’t know what is happening or has happened in someone’s life to explain some of their actions or decisions. We need to practice grace, and I think a lot of time showing empathy just means to not be judgmental and just be there for people.

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