BCS Students Make a Difference

During the week for October 28th, students from Birmingham Covington School (BCS) coordinated a collection drive effort called “Change for Chilupula Challenge” to raise money for the school wide outreach program and partnership with Project C.O.P.E. Zambia. Although October 31st was Halloween, the students at BCS were not just thinking of candy, for their efforts that week, nearly $1,600 additional money was raised toward the $12,000 goal. Through Project C.O.P.E. Zambia, BCS will be helping provide funding for two, two-wheeled tractors along with ploughs, rippers and a water pump for the village cooperative, which will triple, possibly quadruple, farmer income. A recent epidemic of hoof and mouth disease has destroyed most of the draft animals within the village, and farmers are forced to use manual labor to prepare, plant and harvest their crops. As imagined, this is a painstaking process. With this additional capital, not only will crop output increase, but villagers will be able to transport water, which will increase the type of crops that can be cultivated. Besides the “Change for Chilupula Challenge”, the students are also working on other self-sustaining fundraisers from the recycling of chip bags and juice pouches to jewelry made from used gift cards. As a thank you, Project COPE Zambia co-chairperson, George Sherman personally thanked the student for their efforts in a Skype session on November 8 in the BCS media center. To find out more, about or donate to, the BCS/Project C.O.P.E Zambia partnership and the students’ efforts to end poverty in rural Zambia, please check out the project website at http://projectcope.wikis.birmingham.k12.mi.us/.




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