Character Education at BCS – It’s as much about us adults!

I was fortunate to attend the Character Education Partnership annual conference this weekend past. The opening keynote address by NY Times columnist David Brooks set the tone with his frame, “How you act…is what they’re going to remember.” From the opening keynote to the final session I attended, this quote was the theme. Dr. Maurice Elias of Rutgers University, in his conference address, shared his fundamental principles of a school of character:
· Caring relationship provide the foundation for all lasting learning.
· Emotions affect how and what we learn.
· Children benefit from having a sense of positive purpose.
· Goal setting and problem solving provide cohesiveness, focus, direction and energy for learning.
Character education in our school is as much about me, as the principal, and we as the faculty and staff, as it is about the students we serve. Our students, our parents and our colleagues will remember how we treat them more than anything else. I will remain vigilant remembering this critical aspect of school culture as I continue to serve you and this great BCS community.


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