BCS Stand4Change

bcs stand4change

On Friday, May 3rd, BCS students will be joining Defeat the Label and over 2.7 million students across the world in taking a stand against bullying behavior. At noon on Friday, our students will literally stand and take the “stand4change” pledge which will be led by our principal, Mr. Morawski. We are asking everyone to wear either black or yellow shirts to show solidarity for our school and each other. We will have one-of-a-kind “BCS Stand4Change” wristbands to distribute and there will be group discussions for each of the grades during the day. Grades 3-6 will participate in classroom conversations to answer questions such as “what is bullying?” and “what can I do about it?” Grades 7 & 8 will take part in small group discussions led by our teachers during their academic lab time.
For additional information about Stand4ChangeDay, please visit http://stand4change.org/schools.html. You will find valuable resources, materials and videos to share with your kids to continue the conversation.


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