Best Aspects of BCS!

In the short time I’ve been transitioning to the principal at BCS, those with whom I’ve spoken have shared unequivocally those aspects of BCS they love the most.  Following is a summary to-date:

  • The kids are so helpful
  • The teachers are fantastic
  • Multi age/looping
  • 3rd through 8th grade configuration
  • Students are excited about learning
  • BCS encourages thinking
  • BCS can be what you want it to be
  • The mix of students in our school
  • The relationships people have-Students staying with the same peers together for several years in a row
  • Character education
  • Everyone is so welcoming and kind
  • Great opportunities
  • Creating things in the digital world
  • Value of art education and young people
  • We are 21st century learning
  • Everybody works together
  • Focused on the students’ needs
  • It’s a different type of school where creativity is encouraged
  • Collaborative curriculum development
  • Multi age opportunities
  • Valuing the individual-Planning for every student
  • Unlimited opportunity-ideas are given opportunity to blossom, be fostered, with an opportunity to learn from mistakes
  • Students have a chance to be independent and agents in their own learning
  • eNgage
  • Eng Tech
  • Art
  • Lunch
  • All the technology available
  • Choice Hour

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