A Heartfelt Goodbye to Gill & FPS!

As I packed up the last of my personal items from the office on this, my final day as the principal at Gill Elementary, I also unpack the incredibly fond memories of my career in the Farmington Public Schools and Gill Elementary in particular. The students and staff sent me off with a chorus of performances this afternoon and the sounds of their heartwarming voices.  I am excited about this new endeavor at Birmingham Covington School to be clear, though as I reflect, I come to realize a simple truth:  I am a true beneficiary of the exemplary learning experiences that the Farmington Public Schools affords.  From my introduction as a student at Forest Elementary in the 1970’s to becoming a teacher at Hillside Elementary in the early 1990’s and a principal at William Grace and Gill Elementary Schools in the 2000’s, I have grown up, quite literally, in the Farmington Public Schools.  Its positive influence defines who I am, and I am eternally grateful.  My social and intellectual growth as both a student and educator have been tuned to this district’s standard of excellence.  I will miss this community dearly, though I will continue to espouse the core values I have learned.  Through my experiences in this great community, I will continue to embrace the values and skills that have been both expected of and nurtured in me:  continuous learning, the value of diversity, the importance of relationships, risk-taking and truly serving those I lead.  While I embark on this exciting new endeavor, please know the positive and powerful influence the Gill community and the entire Farmington Public Schools’ community has had on me over these many years.  Thank you for allowing me to learn, grow and lead.  Thank you for the support, the partnerships, and the hugs!  I remain incredibly proud of what this community represents and will never forget how great this place is for each who has the privilege to experience it:  administration, staff, faculty, parents and students alike.  I will be forever a proud product and champion of the Farmington Public Schools.  Because of these experiences, I stand ready to serve BCS with the same levels of enthusiasm, passion, care, integrity and service that are engrained in me.


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